As a Consultant Developer for SchoolsICT Ltd I developed the ZiLink for Moodle.

SchoolsICT specialise in using Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF) in schools to enable the interoperability of data between disparate data systems that may include Management Information Systems, learning platforms, library systems, etc. They are active members of the Systems Interoperability Framework Association internationally where their Technical Director, Ian Tasker, is currently the Co-Chair of the International Technical Board.

Their flagship product, ZiLink for Moodle, is the first service in the UK to link a school MIS with Moodle using the SIF specification to enable the seamless transfer of data between the two products. ZiLink for Moodle automates many normally manual tasks by using the data from the MIS. ZiLink for Moodle also includes a timetable/room booking system and online reporting portal for parents/guardians.

During my time at SchoolsICT I was tasked to design and build the ZiLink Platform which underpins ZiLink for Moodle and many other services. Designed to evolve with its environment the ZiLink Platform is written in Java using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). It is a scalable and cost-effective solution for securely supporting any software system wishing to use school data.

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